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Conditions of use

Sales Tax Policy
Swirled Ice currently collects and remits sales tax in the State of Texas as required by law. If you claim tax-exempt status, please contact us at  for information on obtaining the proper State of Texas tax exemption form. This form must be in our possession, signed and properly filled by an authorized representative of your business, before taxes will be removed from any order. Swirled Ice does not collect sales tax from customers whose orders ship from our warehouse to destinations outside of the State of Texas.

Payment Policies
We currently accept payments made with major credit cards issued in the United States of America (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®) and PayPal®. Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Wire transfer  as well as both business and personal checks. Orders in which payment is made by check or PayPal® will not be shipped until funds have cleared your financial institution.

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