Bar mixes
Specific mixing directions are printed on each half gallon bottle of the Bar mixes.
The fruit flavors or others for slush are going to say, mix 5:1

Standard 5:1 Ratio
(5:1 means 1 part mix to 5 parts water. These bottles are 1/2 gallon sized bottles so 5 parts of water is 2.5 gallons  NOT 5 gallons) so you would mix the bottle of concentrate with 2.5 gallons of water for the correct ratio (3 Total Gallons of Mix).
*  3 Gallons will make 385oz of mix:  35 10 oz drinks or 50 8oz drinks
Standard 7:1 Ratio:
(7:1 means 1 part mix to 7 part water.  These bottles are 1/2 gallon sized bottles so 7 parts of water is 4.5 gallons and NOT 7 gallons) so you would mix the bottle of concentrate with 4.5 gallons of water and liquor for the correct ratio.  (5 Total Gallons of Mix)
*  5 Gallons will make 640oz of mix: 65 10oz drinks or 80 8oz drinks


Blender Instructions
5 to 1 Bottle (3 Gallon Mix): To make these drinks in a standard 42oz blender, fill the blender with Ice add 1 cup of mix and 1 cup of alcohol and add about 1/2 cup water and blend. This is for the mixes that yield 3 gallons.

7 to 1 Bottle (5 Gallon Mix):  Fill the 42oz blender with ice, add 5 oz of mix, 8 oz of alcohol, 8 oz water and blend

1.7 gallon machines
For the smaller home use machines that we sell, it is easier to make 1.5 gallons instead of 1.7 gallons the machine can hold.  For our slush mixes that make 3 gallons per bottle you will still want to use the 5:1 ratio, but you will need to use 1 quart as your starting measurement; Add 1 quart mix to 5 quarts of water, which equals 1.5 gallons. If you are using a bar mix that makes 3 gallons per bottle with the alcohol like a pina colada or daiquiri you should use 1 quart of mix, 1 quart alcohol, and 4 quarts (1gal) water 4:1:1

The 5 gallon mixes are a bit more complicated. The mixes like margarita, hurricane which yield 5 gallons per bottle, are actually a 7:2:1  ratio; 7 parts water, 2 parts alcohol and 1 part mix.  Use 2 cups as the starting measurement for these concentrates as follows 1 part mix (16 oz or 2 cups ),  2 parts alcohol (32 oz or 4 cups) and then add 7 parts water (14 cups of water)

So whichever Swirled Ice mix you decide to use in your smaller machine, just remember to break it down to smaller quantities and follow the correct ratios and have FUN!